About the BDU E-Content Development Cloud (BDU Cloud)

BDU has geared up necessary ‘Digital initiatives’ to promote e-learning among the affiliated colleges for the benefit of the students during the COVID-19 lockdown period. To promote e-learning, the University has built an exclusive, unique and "easy to use" 'e-Content Development Cloud (EDC)' for the college teachers to upload/share the e-contents and digital study materials to the students who can view, download the e-contents, learn from them and prepare themselves for the semester examinations. This would serve as a permanent ‘e-Content repository’ of the university for students of the affiliated colleges. This is a home-grown web application built by University Informatics Centre especially for e-Content management. 3,500+ e-resources have been uploaded by faculty members.

By leveraging the infrastructure of the university, the affiliated colleges need not have any 'digital infrastructure' in their premises, and need not spend any money, as University extends its Platform as a Service. (PaaS). The colleges will be provided all support and links to EDC so that all teachers and students can access to from their homes or wherever they are, by anyone, from Anywhere at Anytime.

The portal will be a one-stop-shop for all stake holdersto accessto all content developed by faculty from various institutions on various disciplines. This portal is elastic in nature and would expand as and when it is sourced from the crowd dynamically and 3,800+ e-resources have been uploaded already by faculty members.

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